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Bread. Best when fresh out of the oven. It can take on many guises too: as a bowl, as a seasoning, as a main ingredient. It’s good even when stale for it can cleverly metamorphose into glorious pudding by simply joining forces with milk, sugar and eggs. But one of the most beloved form it takes is that of a crisp canvas, a supporting role to wonderful spreads and schmears, all beautifully offering themselves to the delicious ritual that is breakfast.

Blah, blah, blah-di-blah. We love these stuff on our toast. You?

Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche | Photo Credit :: Bakers Royale

Caramelised White Chocolate

Caramelized White Chocolate | Photo Credit :: Food52

Good Ol’ Peanut Butter

Homemade Peanut Butter | Photo Credit :: Brown Eyed Baker

Honey-Macadamia Spread

Honey-Macadamia Spread | Photo Credit :: The Moonblush Baker

Snickerdoodle Cookie Butter

Snickerdoodle Cookie Butter | Photo Credit :: Parade

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Photo Credits | (clockwise from top left) Pretzilla :: Pottery Barn :: Horchow :: Bloom Designs

Today, 28th May, is International Burger Day. Never even knew that such a day existed. What do people actually do on this day? Do hamburger chains dole out free sandwiches for the day? Does your local butcher slash 50% off of your ground chuck? Is there someone sponsoring a burger cook-off somewhere?

Now that it got me thinking, never mind what others are preoccupying themselves with on this day. Gather your friends (or family), fire up the grill and break open the cellar!

While burgers and wine may sound like a mismatched pair, you might be surprised to know that they actually go very well together. Just imagine that your favorite steak cut had been ground and placed in between buns. Plus, wine doesn’t fill you up as much as beer does so you also get to enjoy more tasty bites of whatever sandwich preparation is included in the menu.

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One of my absolute favorite ways to relax is reading recipe books. I even choose to read them right before sleep, unless I’m totally knackered to even lift a page. That’s when I resort to watching food-related programmes, either on TV or online.

These are the top 7 food shows that I follow or love to re-watch whenever I need inspiration or guidance:

How to Cook Like Heston | Photo Credit :: imtwelve.com

HOW TO COOK LIKE HESTON: This series is one that I revisit again and again simply because it deals with kitchen techniques that when applied correctly will result in impressive food quality and appearance, and ultimately gastronomic satisfaction. Each episode focuses on 1 popular household ingredient (cheese, beef, chicken, chocolate, egg, potato) and shows what award-winning chef Heston Blumenthal, through months of scientific research, has discovered to be the best way to prepare this ingredient at home.

I particularly loved his tips on flipping steak to medium rare perfection, on cold-smoking cheese using ice and a blowtorch, on creating the clearest chicken consommé by freezing it first. Of course, Heston being Heston sometimes just can’t help himself so he also demonstrates how a paint sprayer can be used to coat cake with chocolate, how triple-cooking your potatoes will yield the best fries or how dry ice is the fastest way to make ice cream. You may not want to follow all his cooking techniques but you might just be inclined to agree that this show is definitely informative, if not entertaining.

Good Eats | Photo Credit :: Food Network

GOOD EATS: If ‘What Einstein Told His Cook‘ author, Robert Wolke, had a thing for film, he’d be called Alton Brown. A cinematographer by profession before entering the world of food, Brown created a highly educational TV series focusing as well on one ingredient, food category or cooking technique per episode. His creative cinematic background comes into play through the cleverly-titled episode themes and the character he plays according to the theme. I remember him best for his goofy antics however that aside, this show is indeed one of the most informative on TV. It helps that his recipes (well, all that I have tried anyway) are also foolproof. A great resource if you’re looking to learn the basics.


ULTIMATE COOKERY COURSE: I particularly disliked watching Gordon Ramsay before, primarily because he was first ‘introduced to me’ as a barking, potty-mouthed bully via the TV show, Hell’s Kitchen. However, I totally changed my perception of Ramsay as a cook when I viewed the first episode of this series. No longer was I in front of this asshole of a persona but instead a really knowledgeable chef who was teaching his viewers proper handling of kitchen tools as well as easy and stunning food to prepare at home. My favorite segments are his 3 fast and simple recipes based on the episode theme and his featured ingredient guides.

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Diniwid. One of my favourite locations in Boracay. Away from the maddening crowd and by a mile the best place on the island to catch the sunset. Watching the great ball of light bid adieu to the world from here is almost always magical.

Believe me, I usually slip into a delicious reverie each time I think about it but sentimental musings aside, Diniwid would still make it at the top of my must-visit list for anyone who comes to the island. Not only is it not choked with tourists, it is a place that affords you to peacefully commune with the ocean as well as marvel at the wonderful creatures that occasionally pay this cove a visit. And as if that wasn’t enough, it is also home to a quaint little restaurant tucked inside the famed Spider House.

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